See How TPG Can Sell or Lease Your Space Faster

Here’s the Issue:

It Takes Too Many Days on Average to Sell Real Estate:



Industrial + Flex



There is a Way to Solve this Issue:


Get as many qualified eyeballs on your property as inhumanly possible in the shortest amount of time.


… and no one out there can do that quite like we can. Here’s why:

Unprecedented Access to Over 100,000+ Real Estate Decision Makers Worldwide...

… and this list grows weekly.

An Experienced Team of Agent-Entrepreneurs...

Most of our agents are former successful business owners in unrelated industries which means we have broad network of business friends. 

Off The Charts Digital Marketing & Technology Prowess...

Our technological and digital marketing experience dwarfs the competition.  We can cast HUGE nets or hyper-target specific buyers with a few mouse clicks. 

And When You’re Trying to Sell a Property, Here is what You Should Expect From Your Broker

Access to Their Entire Network - Which Better Be Larger Than the South Florida Locale

If your agent is reaching out to his friends and business buddies in South Florida, you’re missing out on a TON of other opportunities. South Florida is drawing in all kinds of new businesses from other states due to our business-friendly climate. This is especially so in NY where taxes and population density (COVID-concerns) are creating a hostile and possibly deadly environment to live and do business. If your property caters to a certain niche (e.g. a restaurant or warehouse) then your agent should also be reaching out to trade associations. All of this is just the tip of the iceberg. We can go on and on about this part. But you get the idea.

Bi-Weekly or Monthly Reports About Marketing Efficacy

You need to know that the work of marketing your property is being done and that it is being done right. For example, are the right keywords being used? How are we adapting our listings if performance is low?, etc.

Strategy Meetings As Often As You Need With You Broker

We need to ensure that our marketing is working the way that we want to and that our person-to-person network outreach is also working effectively. If your property isn’t getting any traction then some co-brainstorming is in order with you, your agent and other high-talent individuals that we have on staff. 

To List the Property as Accurately & With As Much Information as Possible

You would think that this is a minimum expectation, but we run across listings all the time with inadequate information. Take this warehouse listing below. In the Building area (circled in red) I’m going to want to know:

  • The Ceiling Height
  • The Grade Level of The Drive in Ramp
  • Number of Garage Doors and What Size
  • # of Columns and Their Dimensions
  • Floor Thickness, etc. 

And the Sales Notes area (also circled in red, upper right side) is practically barren. This is a great spot for the broker to list other technically important info or the softer features of the property like:

  • Additional Zoning and/or Permitted Use Info
  • Access to Interstates or other Transport mediums, like rail
  • How Much Office Space is There in the warehouse? (if any)
  • Are their bathrooms in the offices only? warehouse only? both? etc. 

, Sell Your South Florida Office, Warehouse, Retail, or Multi-Family Building

And We’re Backed By One of the Most Elite Real Estate Brokerages in the U.S.

, Sell Your South Florida Office, Warehouse, Retail, or Multi-Family Building